You are very concerned about your skin‘s good looks and health. You exfoliate regularly, moisturize, and you keep it fresh and well cleaned. Good for you. There are millions of recipes online that tell you all kinds of ways to protect your skin. Some advices are brilliant, others are just obvious, but there are those, which are based on a myth. The least of the problem with them is that they are simply not effective. But some of them are extremely dangerous for your skin.

Here are 5 myths that you should remember and not trust anybody, telling you otherwise.

No sunscreen on a cloudy day

Except…NO! This is a risk you should not take. The UV radiation from the son is not stopped by some vaporized water. Can you imagine how this might be possible? The clouds protect you the same way as the see water does, and you have burned to many times while swimming to know the answer to that. By the way don’t be naïve to think that sun umbrella protect you as well.  The only defense against UV radiation is sunscreen with SPF of at least 15 if you have darker skin, but if you are white as cheese, be sure to take an SPF of at least 30 or even 50.

The higher the SPF, the longer you can stay In the sun.

Except…. NO! Don’t fall for this trap. First of all SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is not measuring the time you can spend under the sun, but the percent of UV rays it stops from hitting your body. This means that no matter how high the SPF of the sunscreen is you should reapply it every two hours or sooner if you sweat too much or you go for a swim.

If it’s expensive it’s the best on the market

Except… NO! Well not completely. It’s not better to buy cheap unreliable skincare products, because the effect might be devastating. But certainly the price of the product has nothing to do with its quality. The best skin care products are not bought in the store, but made at home. It’s simple, it’s cheap and most importantly you know exactly what your cream or exfoliator contains. No one knows your skin better than you. So why are you letting someone else make products for it.

Wrinkle creams will abolish your wrinkles

Except…NO!  I hope you already know that this is impossible. Most of these creams just hydrate your skin, making it look better and temporarily hiding the wrinkles. But they are still there. Of course there are some creams doing this better than others, but the fact is that once you stop applying it regularly your wrinkles will emerge again. The decision is simple, just don’t stop moisturizing and you’ll be fine.

Feel your skin moving, than the product is working

Except… NO! Actually any time your skin reacts it means it is irritated. The best creams (none medical of course) will leave no mark of themselves once they are rubbed on your skin. If you feel any itch or God forbid pain, it means the product you’ve used is causing inflammation. You should see which ingredient is causing the reaction and stop buying anything that contains it.


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