About me

Hello natural cosmetics lovers. I’m Mary, but you can call me Меrry Мary because I have the secret of beautiful skin. Yes, you are allowed to be jealous, but don’t worry, I’ll tell you the secret behind my magic.  Unlike Mary Poppins (to whom many of my former classmates compared me) I don’t use magic (and my singing is awful). I use things you can most likely find with ease in your homes. Herbs, plants, food ingredients, fruit and vegetable peals, and many other things you usually throw out.

I’ve always wondered why people use non-natural products for their everyday skin and body care. If you have a medical condition and your doctor ordered you to apply a specific medicine on your skin or hair, I understand. But buying an expensive product, full of artificial ingredients, for every day usage, instead of making your own clear and all-natural creams and masks, I just can’t understand that.

Here in my website I’ll show you the way to treat your skin and body in a way you can show you appreciate them. In my blog I’ll post many recipes and useful tips on how to make your body look younger, radiant and beautiful.

If you have no time, or you don’t want to make your own products, in my website you can find a shop, where every ingredient is natural and has no artificial ingredients.

I hope you take the best out of my web page and find your perfect recipe for homemade cosmetics.