3 awesome recipes for homemade exfoliators just for you

Have you ever tried to hold your breath for as long as you can? At the end of your try, no matter how long you’ve hold it in, you feel you are suffocating. You start to feel a little panic and it’s like a torture. If you are under water you can’t immediately draw some air and it‘s agony. This is how your skin feels every time you skip exfoliation. The death cells engorge the pores on your skin and it’s slowly suffocating underneath them. Don’t subject your skin to such brutality. You simply need to scrub the death cells of your body every now and then.

Exfoliators are usually not pricey but where is the fun in buying one, when you can re-purpose something in your kitchen on in your fridge to do this job. As a plus you know exactly what your exfoliator contains and it defiantly is all natural. The best think about homemade beauty products is that they don’t have any side effects. No pharmaceutical company knows better your body than you do, so why you let them decide with what you are going to scrub your body.  Don’t worry it’s not hard to make it on your own. Just follow one of these 3 recipes.

Coffee with sugar is not only a morning beverage any more

The smell of coffee in the morning is the best part of waking up. Actually it’s the only upside in getting out of bed. But coffee can be used to make sure your skin has a radiant and healthy look. Take a tablespoon of ground coffee, and the same amount of water (or olive oil). Add a little bit of sugar and just a hint of lavender. The result is one of the best exfoliators you can imagine. If you can even use the coffee grounds from the morning brew and make this “expensive” present to your body even cheaper.

After using the scrub don’t forget to moisturize. If you want to skip this part, just use olive oil instead of water in the mic.

Salty and sour treat for your body

From the sweet, sweet mix I take you to a more salty one… and more sour at the same time. This is the perfect decision for you if you have oily skin. All you need is some lemon and, you guessed it, some salt. Just squeeze a lemon in a bowl, add grape seed oil (it’s not mandatory but it will help you get rid of the oily skin) and some salt in a bowl of salt and scrub your body. The lemon will instantly wipe out all the extra oil of your skin, and the salt will scrub the death cells, leaving your body refreshed and ready for sleep. Note that you shouldn’t do that more than twice a month.

“Honey, honey, how you thrill me, ah-hah”

Do you remember this classical Abba song? I always sing it out loud as I prepare my all-time favorite exfoliator, which consists of honey and baking soda. All you need is a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of baking soda. Mix them well and you are ready to treat your skin as if you were at a SPA.

Try these recipes to say a sincere “thank you” to your body for looking so wonderful.







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The secret of the north’s power is in this marvelous tonic

The north is a harsh place. Its dark and it’s depressing. Today is the shortest day and in Sweden it is going to be only 6:04,46. The sun will set at 2:48 and it would be dark again. Harsh place indeed. So there is no wonder that in the north they have a magic like tonic that can people survive the unbearable winter months.

I present to you the Swedish bitters. It’s also known as a Swedish tincture, and is used for centuries buy the north nations of Europe. Most likely the healthy beverage had been discovered during the 15th century in Sweden. It was not wildly used at first, but during the 18th there was a high demand of this natural tonic. The tonic cures a large number of illnesses and is used to enhance your body’s immunity and strength during the winter months.

Swedish bitter is composed of 32 herbs and it contains a high value of alcohol –about 43%. So a person under 21 years old should not consume it, although the daily dosage is only 3 teaspoons. The marvelous drink is mixed with tea or water. You should mix one teaspoon of the tonic with a cup of tea and consume it 15-20 minutes before or after you eat. This must be repeated 3 times a day and don’t overuse the tonic. It can be used up to 9 months without stopping, but after that your body will need some rest. Leave the Swedish tincture for a month and do it again.

The Swedish bitters has a large amount of different natural products. It contains Aloe Vera, water extracts of angelica root, camphor, manna, zedoary root, senna, myrrh, carline thistle root theriac venetian, rhubarb root and many others. Empirical evidence suggest that consuming the tonic is highly beneficial in cases of female diseases, irrespective of age, joint diseases, rheumatism, arthritis, skin diseases, epilepsy, insomnia, sinusitis, Spinal disc hernia, high blood pressure, cancer, glaucoma, for liver ailments and the like.

Please note that the tonic has a high volume of alcohol in it so be responsible with the usage and do NOT exceed the dose. If you want to drink alcohol, there are far better ways to get wasted than to drink a medical tonic. Because of its alcohol content the Swedish bitters must not be consumed by underage children, and even if you disregard the law (which you shouldn’t), be sure not to give it to children under 6 years old. It will do them harm.

The beverage is forbidden also during pregnancy and for people with liver or brain diseases.  After using the Swedish bitters is absolutely forbidden to sit behind the wheel.  Being charged with DUI is the least that can happen. The medical tonic makes you sleepy and if you are driving, this may result in tragic consequences.

One last thinks. If you must take other drugs, prescribed by a professional, don’t use Swedish bitters before you consult your physician. The tonic may interfere in the healing process.

Swedish bitters is a marvelous remedy for many illnesses, but remember to be cautious when you drink it.

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Eat some dates and you’ll feel great. See how this fruit helps your body

Fruits are essential food for every human being. They are rich on vitamins and natural sugar that can give you a much needed energy. Fruits are essential for your body and your cells. Without all vitamins your skin would look older, and the risk of rashes and inflammations increase. Furthermore these natural gifts can help hydrate your skin and your body especially in the summer months. You can use the peals to make varieties of skin and facial masks that will make it look radiant and smooth.

Amongst all fruits the date fruit is the sweetest one. As a plus this fruit from the date palm has many health benefits. First of all dates are extremely nutritional. They are rich on Fibers, Potassium, Copper, Manganese, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6. You should note that dates have over 60% sugar in their composition, which makes them a great source of energy, but also a very poor choice if you are trying to lose weight. Check out National Nutrient Database to see a more full nutritional profile of the fruit.

In dates you can find 23 different amino acids, carbohydrates, pectin and vitamins A, A1, B1, 2, 5 and 6, C. Vitamin C is very important for your skin. The lack of this vitamin may cause fast aging, brown spots and other unwanted problems with your skin.

Dates are also rich on magnesium, which is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Increasing your daily dosage of magnesium can reduce the chance of tumors and other problems. High intake of magnesium will reduce risks of arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular diseases, and any form of inflammation based illnesses.

Eating dates is highly recommended during pregnancy. This is the time when the woman body needs significant strength, and dates can give it to her. The rich natural sugar which can be found in this fruit is highly beneficial for the fetus and is infinitely better to eat dates than any kind of refined sugar in sweets, chocolate and bonbons. The high amount of vitamins in the fruit will help to feed your unborn baby properly. Eating dates is especially recommended in the last 4 weeks before delivery.

Dates are very good for your digestive health. Fibers are essential for the good work of your intestines. When you eat, especially junk food, your small intestine gets clogged and your body absorbs just a fraction of the nutrients you consume. This leads excessive weight gain because your body is not fed with any proteins or minerals, only with fat. The main problem is that your organism is feeling hunger and starts to store this fat. The fibers are like a brush that cleans your body from the inside and help your body to better process the food you eat. Dates are high on calories, but they are rich in both insoluble and soluble fibers and can clean your gastrointestinal system. So if you are just starting to lose weight, postpone it with a month and during this time, stop eating junk, eat at least 100 g. of dates a day, eat a lot of protein. Your scale may show no difference, but you will start noticing the results on your belt first.


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Throw yourself in the mud and discover its healing powers

Nature is an integral part of human life. Somewhere in the past we decided that nature is scary and left it behind. We surround ourselves with massive mountains of concrete and if not for the parks in the big cities, we would be completely disconnected with our natural beginnings. The decision to leave our natural habitats and to build ourselves a new world that works only for us may be comfortable, but sure as hell is not healthy. Smog, noise, air pollution, stress and most importantly, lack of connection with the earth. Everywhere we step, there Is a concrete block underneath us.

We, as a society, decided that living in the nature makes us savages. But in fact more and more people these days seek a way to get out of the big city and be as close to nature as they can. That’s way many people prefer to go camping for their holidays – it’s the perfect way to find a stress-free zone to truly relax.

But nature is not only a place for your soul’s serenity. In it you can find countless remedies. Even in mud. Yes, you heard me right! Mud baths have increased their popularity significantly in the last few years. In many high class SPA centers there are such services. The benefits of a mud bath are countless.  Mostly they are used for muscles relaxation and improving blood circulation. This helps your skin to become soft and smooth and it simply looks fantastic afterwards.

Furthermore mud therapy will regulate your metabolism and will have great impact on your digestive system. This will help you with the better absorption of nutrients and is a perfect way to enhance your diet. One of the most important things, when you are trying to lose weight is to clean your digestive system, so that all the vital ingredients of the food you consume can be utilized to the fullest. As a plus your muscles can be fed with protein while relaxing, which will enhance their growth. The one thing you should remember when you are trying to lose weight is “the more muscles you have, the faster the fat will burn”.

Mud baths are a perfect way to heal inflammations on your skin. A cold mud compress will retain the coolness on the needed area for a significant period of time. This will stop any swelling and will reduce significantly any discomfort caused by the inflammation. After you take off the compress you will find that the rash has gone, and underneath the muddy layer there is a healthy, smooth and radiant skin.

The healing properties of the mud can help you a great deal with pain. We all know the discomfort of unabated pain. The feeling is awful, but many times there is nothing you can do. In these cases you should look back to mother earth and cover the source of the pain with mud. Soon you will feel the much needed release. Mud baths are especially useful if you have stiff joints.

There are many places where you can find healing mud source. See what Wikipedia says about it and find your own special place in the mud.



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5 myths that will save your skin from trouble

You are very concerned about your skin‘s good looks and health. You exfoliate regularly, moisturize, and you keep it fresh and well cleaned. Good for you. There are millions of recipes online that tell you all kinds of ways to protect your skin. Some advices are brilliant, others are just obvious, but there are those, which are based on a myth. The least of the problem with them is that they are simply not effective. But some of them are extremely dangerous for your skin.

Here are 5 myths that you should remember and not trust anybody, telling you otherwise.

No sunscreen on a cloudy day

Except…NO! This is a risk you should not take. The UV radiation from the son is not stopped by some vaporized water. Can you imagine how this might be possible? The clouds protect you the same way as the see water does, and you have burned to many times while swimming to know the answer to that. By the way don’t be naïve to think that sun umbrella protect you as well.  The only defense against UV radiation is sunscreen with SPF of at least 15 if you have darker skin, but if you are white as cheese, be sure to take an SPF of at least 30 or even 50.

The higher the SPF, the longer you can stay In the sun.

Except…. NO! Don’t fall for this trap. First of all SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is not measuring the time you can spend under the sun, but the percent of UV rays it stops from hitting your body. This means that no matter how high the SPF of the sunscreen is you should reapply it every two hours or sooner if you sweat too much or you go for a swim.

If it’s expensive it’s the best on the market

Except… NO! Well not completely. It’s not better to buy cheap unreliable skincare products, because the effect might be devastating. But certainly the price of the product has nothing to do with its quality. The best skin care products are not bought in the store, but made at home. It’s simple, it’s cheap and most importantly you know exactly what your cream or exfoliator contains. No one knows your skin better than you. So why are you letting someone else make products for it.

Wrinkle creams will abolish your wrinkles

Except…NO!  I hope you already know that this is impossible. Most of these creams just hydrate your skin, making it look better and temporarily hiding the wrinkles. But they are still there. Of course there are some creams doing this better than others, but the fact is that once you stop applying it regularly your wrinkles will emerge again. The decision is simple, just don’t stop moisturizing and you’ll be fine.

Feel your skin moving, than the product is working

Except… NO! Actually any time your skin reacts it means it is irritated. The best creams (none medical of course) will leave no mark of themselves once they are rubbed on your skin. If you feel any itch or God forbid pain, it means the product you’ve used is causing inflammation. You should see which ingredient is causing the reaction and stop buying anything that contains it.


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