The north is a harsh place. Its dark and it’s depressing. Today is the shortest day and in Sweden it is going to be only 6:04,46. The sun will set at 2:48 and it would be dark again. Harsh place indeed. So there is no wonder that in the north they have a magic like tonic that can people survive the unbearable winter months.

I present to you the Swedish bitters. It’s also known as a Swedish tincture, and is used for centuries buy the north nations of Europe. Most likely the healthy beverage had been discovered during the 15th century in Sweden. It was not wildly used at first, but during the 18th there was a high demand of this natural tonic. The tonic cures a large number of illnesses and is used to enhance your body’s immunity and strength during the winter months.

Swedish bitter is composed of 32 herbs and it contains a high value of alcohol –about 43%. So a person under 21 years old should not consume it, although the daily dosage is only 3 teaspoons. The marvelous drink is mixed with tea or water. You should mix one teaspoon of the tonic with a cup of tea and consume it 15-20 minutes before or after you eat. This must be repeated 3 times a day and don’t overuse the tonic. It can be used up to 9 months without stopping, but after that your body will need some rest. Leave the Swedish tincture for a month and do it again.

The Swedish bitters has a large amount of different natural products. It contains Aloe Vera, water extracts of angelica root, camphor, manna, zedoary root, senna, myrrh, carline thistle root theriac venetian, rhubarb root and many others. Empirical evidence suggest that consuming the tonic is highly beneficial in cases of female diseases, irrespective of age, joint diseases, rheumatism, arthritis, skin diseases, epilepsy, insomnia, sinusitis, Spinal disc hernia, high blood pressure, cancer, glaucoma, for liver ailments and the like.

Please note that the tonic has a high volume of alcohol in it so be responsible with the usage and do NOT exceed the dose. If you want to drink alcohol, there are far better ways to get wasted than to drink a medical tonic. Because of its alcohol content the Swedish bitters must not be consumed by underage children, and even if you disregard the law (which you shouldn’t), be sure not to give it to children under 6 years old. It will do them harm.

The beverage is forbidden also during pregnancy and for people with liver or brain diseases.  After using the Swedish bitters is absolutely forbidden to sit behind the wheel.  Being charged with DUI is the least that can happen. The medical tonic makes you sleepy and if you are driving, this may result in tragic consequences.

One last thinks. If you must take other drugs, prescribed by a professional, don’t use Swedish bitters before you consult your physician. The tonic may interfere in the healing process.

Swedish bitters is a marvelous remedy for many illnesses, but remember to be cautious when you drink it.

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