Nature is an integral part of human life. Somewhere in the past we decided that nature is scary and left it behind. We surround ourselves with massive mountains of concrete and if not for the parks in the big cities, we would be completely disconnected with our natural beginnings. The decision to leave our natural habitats and to build ourselves a new world that works only for us may be comfortable, but sure as hell is not healthy. Smog, noise, air pollution, stress and most importantly, lack of connection with the earth. Everywhere we step, there Is a concrete block underneath us.

We, as a society, decided that living in the nature makes us savages. But in fact more and more people these days seek a way to get out of the big city and be as close to nature as they can. That’s way many people prefer to go camping for their holidays – it’s the perfect way to find a stress-free zone to truly relax.

But nature is not only a place for your soul’s serenity. In it you can find countless remedies. Even in mud. Yes, you heard me right! Mud baths have increased their popularity significantly in the last few years. In many high class SPA centers there are such services. The benefits of a mud bath are countless.  Mostly they are used for muscles relaxation and improving blood circulation. This helps your skin to become soft and smooth and it simply looks fantastic afterwards.

Furthermore mud therapy will regulate your metabolism and will have great impact on your digestive system. This will help you with the better absorption of nutrients and is a perfect way to enhance your diet. One of the most important things, when you are trying to lose weight is to clean your digestive system, so that all the vital ingredients of the food you consume can be utilized to the fullest. As a plus your muscles can be fed with protein while relaxing, which will enhance their growth. The one thing you should remember when you are trying to lose weight is “the more muscles you have, the faster the fat will burn”.

Mud baths are a perfect way to heal inflammations on your skin. A cold mud compress will retain the coolness on the needed area for a significant period of time. This will stop any swelling and will reduce significantly any discomfort caused by the inflammation. After you take off the compress you will find that the rash has gone, and underneath the muddy layer there is a healthy, smooth and radiant skin.

The healing properties of the mud can help you a great deal with pain. We all know the discomfort of unabated pain. The feeling is awful, but many times there is nothing you can do. In these cases you should look back to mother earth and cover the source of the pain with mud. Soon you will feel the much needed release. Mud baths are especially useful if you have stiff joints.

There are many places where you can find healing mud source. See what Wikipedia says about it and find your own special place in the mud.



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